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iSight Connections serves its clients in four primary areas–Assistive Technology, Orientation & Mobility, Daily Living Skills, and Low Vision Training. A certified instructor will conduct a needs-assessment with a client and then offer training and material aid based on a client’s need. Seminars are also offered to groups within assisted living centers.

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assistive technology

Assistive Technology (AT) training provides access to print and information through a computer/phone/device with use of a screen magnifier, screen reader, or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program.

One example is the screen reading program, JAWS, designed to help blind and low vision individuals read the computer, either via a Braille display or speech synthesizer. JAWS is an excellent software program but user training is essential for success and the software program can be cost prohibitive for those with limited resources.

AT also addresses remote training, video conferencing, access to smartphones and accessible apps. The world of AT training is changing daily but with a certified instructor for the blind and low vision, the latest appropriate solutions can be addressed. Much of the AT and computer training can be done remotely.

orientation & mobility

A person who is blind or low vision may need to learn to use a white cane to assist with locating obstacles and navigating rooms and areas needed. He or she may also need training to navigate residential and business areas, street crossings and the use of public transportation. Typical orientation and mobility training like this can take six months to a year to complete.

daily living skills

Daily Living Skills covers many areas of life including cooking, cleaning, and basic communication skills (such as use of a phone, banking, written communication, reading, etc). It may also include learning to read using Braille, an important skill that can take years of training. And even with the ability to read Braille, many individuals will need to learn to read on a computer, whether for work, reading email, creating documents, online shopping, paying bills or simply social interaction.

low vision training

We provide assessments for the use of appropriate magnification devices, and sunglasses and tints for outdoor travel and extreme lighting.

We also provide support to increase functional lighting and help seniors with vision loss to comfortably read and write.

living with vision loss seminars

Seminars brought to assisted living centers to support and educate individuals adapting to vision loss. Seminars have been paused until COVID 19 precautions have been lifted. We will resume as soon as is safe and possible.

frequently asked questions


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What Colorado counties do you provide home services to?

iSight Connections currently serves El Paso and Teller Counties.

How can I volunteer?

Please use our contact form or e-mail to let us know you’d like to volunteer. We’d love to hear from you!

Where are services provided?

Our certified instructors are equipped to provide services both in a client’s home or remotely.

How can I donate?

You can donate here, or mail a check to: 1332 Lookout Springs Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Do you charge for your services?

If you are age 60 or older, our services are totally free. We are working to soon expand our instruction to reach all adults living with vision loss in El Paso County and the surrounding areas.

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